So far this year, Chattanooga has had 18 homicides.

         The latest, last week in a Bi-lo parking in what police say was an attempted robbery, that ended with the alleged bad guys getting the worst end of the deal.
         The new details we have, concern one of the would-be robbers and his apparent criminal history.
          Police found 17-year-old Calvin Ward dead in a white Kia with several gunshot wounds to his back.
          Investigators say Ward and his partner, 26-year-old Galen Allen, attempted to rob a victim who had arranged to meet them to purchase computer tablets, when they pulled guns on their victim, he pulled a gun of his own and fired in self defense.
          We've learned Calvin Ward, a Ridgeland High School student, was free on bond, awaiting trial in another robbery from 2012.
           In that case, Ward and 16-year-old Lamunta Williams are accused of robbing a home on East 18th Street, repeatedly beating the victims before stealing guns, a television, and other items.
           Months later, Williams was shot and killed inside an abandoned house a couple blocks from Howard High School during schools hours.
           Both Ward and Williams were set for trial in March.

Our partners at the TFP first reported the connection between Ward and Williams.
          As for last week's other Bi-lo robbery suspect, Galen Allen, he faces several charges including attempted first degree murder.
          He's booked at the Hamilton County Jail on a 470-thousand dollar bond and is due in court Thursday.