Dozens of students in our area have spent the last few months perfecting their entrepreneur ideas for the 3rd annual LAUNCH entrepreneur program.

Sunday night the proposals were presented to the judges, in hopes of receiving the grand prize.

The program is designed to give students the opportunity to learn how to start a business, who might not have the resources.

17 enthusiastic groups presented their proposals, ranging from fashion to food.

In the end only one group won the $10,000 prize to start up their very own business.

It took four months of hard work for two entrepreneurs as they came up with an idea to start a business involving traveling art classes, naming it LOUD.

"It's a traveling art van to go around the community like parks, schools, community events, even birthday parties," said Demetric Bush

However Bush and Ashunti Garner tell Channel 3 coming up with the idea was the easy part.

"We had to create a whole business plan and do marketing and projecting, it was tedious," said Bush and Garner.

However, their hard work wasn't overlooked, winning them $10,000 to get their business off the ground.

"The money is going to go towards our biggest projection, which is the van," said Bush.

"The lawyers, supplies, contracts with teachers and all that," said Garner.

Their goal, though, isn't about making money, but making sure everyone has the opportunity to express themselves. That's why they're going non-profit.

"We know there's already a strain on the people we want to do this for so the fact that we're non-profit it helps them and the can still come," said Garner.

"The only art in Chattanooga is downtown and we want to spread it around so everyone feels the way about art as we do," said Bush.
The new owners of LOUD say they would have never thought to do this on their own and encourage everyone who can, to participate in LAUNCH.

"If you have an idea or something that bothers you or something that you like to do that you know you can't find in your area then you can create it yourself," said Garner.

There were 60 students total that participated from Howard, Tyner and Brainered High Schools.

The LAUNCH program hopes to branch out to more schools in 2014.

If you would like more information on how you or someone you know can participate, click here.