Kolton Perry and his grandfather who own a local tow and lawn care service on Trewitt Road in Cleveland say, they are happy to finally have their stolen items back. 

When they arrived to work Thursday morning they noticed the family camper was vandalized, the shed door kicked in and a few items inside it were missing.

After Kolton realized someone vandalized the camper and removed 3 taxidermy mountings off the wall he called the Bradley County Sheriff's Office.

While the Perry's waited for the police to arrive, Kolton went to check on his work truck.  He says, the family went hunting a few days prior and left a severed deer head in the back.

When the responding officer arrived to fill out the paper work, Kolton's phone rang. He realized it was his ex-girlfriend 26-year-old Megan Lee Van and placed the call on speaker. 

The officer heard Megan say, "I will sell you back the deer heads for 500 dollars"

Kolton also said, my ex offered to return the rotting carcass she was keeping in her car if I gave her money." 

The Bradley County Sheriffs Office says, two other suspects were involved; Chadwick Dowdy and Jacob Kelly. All 3 are charged with 4 counts of motor vehicle theft, two counts of burglary and theft over 1,000 dollars.