As the nation pauses to remember the 72nd anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, one North Georgia family is honoring the life of a soldier who died, serving in the Iraq war.

Sgt. Marshal Edgerton fought for our country in Iraq and those that love him dearly say they wanted to gather Saturday to honor him for the sacrifice he paid, fighting for our country.

"He gave the ultimate sacrifice, his life for his country. He was killed in action December the 11 2003," said Glenda Est, Sgt. Marshal Edgerton's mother.

"We all lost so much when we lost him. I am so sorry that you lost your dad," said Sgt. Edgerton's friend. 

Saturday's heartfelt gathering was organized to honor fallen solider Sgt. Marshal Edgerton who lost his life while serving in Iraq 10 years ago.

Even though a decade has passed, he is not forgotten by those that loved him dearly.

His family, friends, his wife and their children, Ellisa was 2 when she lost her dad and Hunter was 7.

"It makes me feel good for them that we come together to remember their dad," said Sgt. Edgerton's wife.

Everyone that arrived to Country Hills Cemetery Saturday morning was handed an American flag one by one. They were all placed next to Sgt. Edgerton's final resting place in Dalton, GA.

The years have faded but the memories and tears have not. The ceremony started with his friends that were stationed with him overseas. They shed tears, exchanged many stories and played music. 

"We know the dangers that happen when we put on the uniform but its hard to comprehend when it actually happens," said Derick Burtin, Sgt. Edgerton's friend. 

Towards the end of the ceremony, Channel 3 spoke to Glenda Est, Sgt. Edgerton's mother who said a prayer for her son including the all men, women and their family's that sacrifice so much to fight for our freedom

"We need to show them honor because that is what they deserve for the duty that they are called to do," said Est.

A memorial fund was set up for his two children. All of the money donated to the account will go directly to them to help pay for college, if you would like to donate contributions can be sent to the account by clicking here