(NECN)  The police investigation in Lunenburg, Massachusetts into racist graffiti spray-painted on the side of a home is now centered on one person: The mother of a boy who accused her son's teammates of racism.

Wednesday night, school officials talked about their decision to cut the season short.

"I never looked at the cancellations as punishment, although it was certainly viewed that way by many. In the end, the safety of students and attendees at the games was deemed as of paramount importance. At no time did I or any employee of the schools indict or implicate players," said Lunenburg Superintendent of Schools Loxi Jo Calmes.

Lunenburg's superintendent and high school principal defended the decision to cancel the rest of the football season amid allegations against the players of writing racist graffiti.

"I thought would I have brought my own kids to that game? And the answer is no way. Why? Because it wasn't safe to play," Principal Brian Spadafino said.

The spray-painted slur on the home of 13-year-old football player Isaac Phillips and the subsequent fallout that has torn apart a town has now taken a seemingly definitive turn.

The finger is now pointing directly at Andrea Brazier, the white mother of Isaac. The boy's father, Anthony Phillips, is African-American. It was Andrea who went to police and accused the team.

Monday, police cleared the players of any wrongdoing. Tuesday, investigators executed a search warrant at the Phillips home, taking writing samples only from Andrea Brazier and two cans of spray paint.

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