A scenic city man is a part of one of the most talked about TV events of the season.

Chattanooga's own Steven Malone has been hard at work, making sure the Von Trapp children were ready for their live television debut for the Sound of Music.

Eyewitness News anchor Greg Glover sits down with Malone in a one-on-one to Channel 3 about his experience with the musical and working with the stars.

It's a story you'll see only on Channel-3

Steven Malone, "It's so exciting and everybody involved is so wonderful, you know? It's just a thrill to be a part of it."

Malone is not just a part of NBC's live production of the Sound of Music, as the children's vocal conductor, he's the one to get Liesl, Friedrich, Louisa, Kurt, Brigitta, Marta, and Gretl Von Trapp up and singing.

"Basically, anytime the kids are in rehearsal, I've been there with them; in the recording studio with them, on set with them, during the presentation, just next to the camera conducting them."

Which is where he was Thursday night rare air for this Central grad.

"I certainly never expected to be doing this truly historical piece of television and piece of theatre."

But, Steven is no stranger to the stage.  His family has always been active in Chattanooga theatre.  His first musical director job was at the then "Little Theatre".  That lead him to Broadway, and now to this massive sound stage on Long Island.

"I believe this is correct, but it's where they built the lunar lander."

Yes, an old military facility has been transformed into a mansion, a monastery, and the Alps.

And amongst a dozen or so cameras, and a huge crew, a cast of 61 has been going through its paces.  Live theatre on TV is no small feat. Hasn't been tried since the 50'S.

"Are you nervous? You've been involved with so much live theatre, but this obviously adds another layer with a national television audience on a major network. It's, you know, with a Broadway show you get 8 shots a week to get it right. We've got one shot to get it right, so it's, you know, it definitely adds a whole other level."
But, he's confident. And he knows the Von Trapp children are ready.

"They are fabulous and they continue to amaze, continue to get better, and the way they absorb things and take it even further than you can imagine, they've truly become a little family together. I mean, they really are this singing family, now. That's been one of the most thrilling things is watching them come together and really become this family."
As is the case in the theatre, when Friday comes, that family will part.  And Steven Malone will head back to his day job, as associate musical director for Disney's "Newsies" on Broadway.

It's a long hall from his humble beginnings in the scenic city, but, Steven says, if it's in your blood, go for it.

"Absolutely. Just get out there and do it. And, to quote from Sound of Music, 'Follow every rainbow `til you find your dream,' you know?"

You can go behind the scenes of the casting sessions for the Von Trapp children and watch the cast tirelessly rehearse while the set is constructed.That's all on nbc.com.