A Soddy Daisy teenager will spend 35 years in prison for luring a man to a cave to rob and kill him.

19-year-old Keith Stewart pleaded guilty Thursday to second-degree murder and especially aggravated robbery.

Detectives say Stewart made 240 dollars off the scheme inside Montlake Mountain last July.
They say he planned to rob Casey Burgiss and at some point Stewart shot Burgiss in the head.

His body was found 3 months later.

It was very emotional day in the courtroom.

The victim's mother told Channel 3, she can relate to the pain and hurt Stewart's mother is going through, even though it doesn't compare to the reality she is facing.  Not being able to see her son again.

Keith Stewart's mother lost control after watching her son walk away in shackles to begin his 35 year prison sentence for robbing and killing Casey Burgiss who was found dead in a hollow cave last July.

The victim's mother , Karen Crawley had a completely different reaction after the judge read Thursday's sentence.

Karen Crawley, Casey's Mom, "my son was 24 years old. He lost his life and his children will never get to see him again"

Karen Crawley thinks 35 isn't harsh enough for taking her son away from her that had two small children her family is now raising.

"I feel if you take someone life on purpose you should loose the right to ever be free."

Karen says, Caseys daughter and son, ages 4 and 6  frequently ask when their dad is coming home.  She recently sat them down and explained how he is unable to, but loves them dearly and will be watching over them both from heaven.

"His son says that he sees his him walking in the street and says there's my dad and we have to explain to him its not."

Karen believes she gave Keith Stewart mercy by opting to not go through with a jury trial. That she believes would have resulted in Keith facing a life sentence

"I decided to not go through with it even though the evidence would have proven it was pre-mediated."

Keith Stewart with be 54 years old when he finishes his sentence term.  If this case went to trial and he was found guilty of premeditated murder, he could have faced life in jail or even the death penalty if convicted