As grocery shoppers finished their after-work errands Wednesday evening, police were racing to the Bi-Lo store on Highway 58. Shots were fired, and a man was dying in the parking lot.

"I seen all the cop cars and all the commotion going on," said a man named Terrance, one of the witnesses at the scene.

He said he had just left his job down the street when shots rang out.

"With all the crime unit cars out here, I knew somebody got killed," he said. He was right.

Police told Channel 3 it started with a robbery in the lot, with the suspect ending up being the one who was killed.

The victim told police he was in the parking lot, meeting two others to buy several computer tablets. The suspect then pointed a gun at him, demanding money.

After a brief struggle with the gun, police said another man approached, trying to pull the victim out of his car. The victim said he then pulled out his own gun in self defense, fatally shooting one suspect and critically injuring the other.

Eyewitness News spoke with a Bi-Lo employee who didn't want to go on camera. He said it's not uncommon for cars to meet up at the end of the parking lot, but said nothing this serious has ever happened at the store.

After the shooting, the second suspect drove himself to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the shoulder.

Witnesses were shocked to learn it happened over computer tablets.

"It's just real petty."

The families of those involved have not yet been notified, therefore police are not releasing their names at this time. Warrants are being filed against the hospitalized suspect, who police said was still in critical condition Thursday afternoon.