This week, a home burglar still on the run. We turn to you for help in nabbing him before he strikes again. Chattanooga Police Sgt. Craig Joel explains the crime. "This house was fairly isolated, it had an excellent home security system," he said, "the alarm was audible inside, it had wonderful video on the outside. But, at the end of the day, there's only so much you can do."

The Dade County Sheriff's Office has provided the surveillance video from the home on Lookout Mountain. The thief staged his bold, daytime break-in in mid November while the homeowners were away. "He came in on foot, found a weak spot," said Sgt. Joel, "came through a plate glass window into the house, got away with about $30,000 worth of jewelry."

That kind of haul suggests this was not a luck-of-the-draw selection. He even tried to steal the family's SUV on his way out, but apparently could not get it started. So, he fled the way he had arrived: on foot.

Thankfully, the family was not home and did not have to confront this thug. And, there is potentially good news for you, too. He will likely talk about his dirty deed. "This is the kind of case where so much money was taken, and jewelry, they usually don't keep their mouth shut," Joel said. "He's probably going to brag to a friend about it."

If you are that friend, or maybe a friend of a friend who has heard stories about this guy singing, you may be just a few steps away from a cash reward, just in time for the holidays. Have a good look at the images. "The quality is good, but it was from a distance," added Joel. "We can tell it's very likely a white male, slim build; a little hesitant to give a height, but appears to be fairly tall."

Does he look familiar? Maybe you have heard all about his big score. If so, up to a thousand dollars is on the table and with Crime Stoppers, you can remain completely anonymous.

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