UPDATE: Just two weeks, after the Chattanooga City Council voted to extend domestic benefits to city employees, there's been a sudden turn of events.

In an effort to overturn the council's decision, the local group, 'Citizens for Government Accountability and Transparency' formed a petition to force the issue on next year's ballot.

The group obtained well over the required signatures needed, but the battle isn't over yet.



PREVIOUS STORY: The issue of city employee domestic partnership benefits could now be in the hands of voters and Wednesday night, those for and against the measure are going head to head.

The Hamilton County Election Commission, confirmed they needed minimum of 4,500 verified signatures on a petition to override the city council's stance. 

The issue will now go back to the city council to vote, to repeal the ordinance. If it's not repealed, this issue will be put on the 2014 ballot.