Orange barrels and road construction equipment will soon be a thing of the past on Shallowford Road.

The busy road was once only two lanes. Now, the widening project which spans almost one mile makes it anywhere from three to five lanes. It also includes two bike lanes.

Paving is the last leg of the project. TDOT contracted Wright Brothers Construction for the work.

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TDOT Spokeswoman Jennifer Flynn said they're all keeping a close eye on the sky and hoping for good weather.

"When temperatures drop really, really low, they have to stop," Flynn said.

Flynn said pavement is temperature sensitive but that workers can pave as long as its warmer than 45 degrees.

Now it's a race against mother nature as pavers work to beat the cold temperatures while staying dry. With rain in the forecast, Flynn also noted pavers can't work in heavy downpours.

The project was originally scheduled for completion in November 2012. But TDOT continued having unforeseen problems with utilities. TDOT Spokeswoman Jennifer Flynn said it's hard to do projects in urban areas because of utilities.

"The last utility issue put them behind on one section of the project by three weeks because they had to wait until the water company moved their line before they could work in that area," said Flynn.

John Kelly goes to the Shallowford Road YMCA five days a week and said the project was needed, even if it just adds an extra turning lane.

"It's good that it's gonna be widened and there will be a turn lane near the many homes out by the East," said John Kelly.

Flynn can't say with certainty when the project will be completed. She knows it won't be done this week but says they're trying "as hard as they can" to get it done before Christmas.