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Witnesses say Etowah shooting "happened fast"

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The man in an officer-involved shooting in Etowah has died. The suspect was identified as David Greenwood, 49, who ran from police after a traffic stop Monday night.

An officer suspected Greenwood was drunk and pulled him over, not knowing he was wanted for questioning in a deadly house fire near Nashville.

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Greenwood then backed into the squad car, drove several hundred yards and came at police with a gun. That's when officers started shooting. Greenwood later died at a nearby hospital.

"We could see exactly what was going on, all the way to the cab of the vehicle the gentlemen (Greenwood) was driving," said Eric Dotson, who manages Michael's Restaurant in Etowah.

Guests in the restaurant had a direct view of the shooting happening across the street.

"Things got real crazy," said Dotson, describing many people and police at the scene. "As it progressed, we heard a single gunshot followed by several gunshots."

He said some guests ran to a nearby room because they were afraid of the crossfire.

"[The gun] was firing at the vehicle, but you could see muzzle blasts, so everyone was very nervous."

Another witness was driving on Highway 411 during the initial pullover.

"He pulled up on the side of the road as I was passing him, but he didn't exactly stop," said the witness. "All the police cars were right behind him and kept hitting their sirens to get him to stop."

He didn't want to go on camera, but shared the video he took of the scene after Greenwood was hit.

"Police were asking him if he was alright and to hang on, checking his pulse," he said.

Durant Tullock was headed to the grocery store with his son when shots broke out.

"I saw the policemen draw their weapons and shots came out immediately," Tullock said.

He said it all happened so fast that he didn't have much time to react.

"You just felt like you saw a play or something that didn't really occur."

The shooting is still under investigation by the TBI, and investigators are not releasing the names of the officers involved in the shooting.

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