The Chattanooga Urban Search and Rescue team was called into action Tuesday to rescue a man inside of a silo. Officials say a worker was being lowered into the silo when we was apparently hit by falling equipment.

The accident happened at Archer Daniels Midland plant in downtown Chattanooga, a wheat flour mill. Rescuers had to put their skills to the test working in the cramped, flour-covered silo.

"I knew it was going to be challenging, especially after we got up there and saw what we had," said Capt. David Thompson with the Chattanooga Fire Department.

A contract worker for Archer Daniels Midland was 90 feet down in a silo when a ladder fell on him, breaking his arm. At first, the call came in that he fell.

"As the 911 center gained additional information, that crew realized it was going to be more of a technical rescue than just a normal fall or something like that."

When Captain David Thompson and the Urban Search and Rescue crew arrived on the scene, they quickly got to work constructing a rope and pulley system. Workers were able to pull the injured man up most of the way, but could not get him out of the silo.

"We had to package him and then after we packaged him we were able to bring him out, we had to use rope skills to bring him out," said Thompson.

The man, grimacing in pain, was loaded in to an ambulance. Thompson says even though his crew does monthly training, the rescue put their skills to the test.

"Every incident, we could have another one of this exact same situation, again. And you're still going to learn something every time, as far as anchor placements, proper uses, different uses of ropes, different skills we can learn each time," said Thompson.

ADM referred us to the contracting company 'Southeast Painters, Inc.' for comment about the accident. They tell us the worker is already out of the hospital and is expected to be ok.