Tamela Pittman, homeowner, "This is the house I grew up in, I grew up here."

It was loud popping that awoke Tamela Pittman in the middle of the night only to discover her entire home was filled with smoke.

"It was really hard to get out.  I mean we couldn't even see an inch in front of us. He hollered at me and I had to go back for him because he couldn't see to get out."
The entire house is now uninhabitable without a trace of furnishings inside all that remains are pieces of memories.

"It's gone.  It's stuff you can't replace."

Pittman says she has two trailers located on different property that the family will eventually  move into.  However, Pittman says one of them is too small for her family of four and neither are in livable condition as-is.

"There's a room that's leaking.  The roof is leaking on one of the bedrooms that was added on, it's got windows busted out."

She says they have the man power to complete the projects and get her family moved in as soon as possible.  But they don't have the tools, materials or the funds to do it on their own.

"People come up and asking what do you need, and I'm like I don't know.  I don't know what to do next."

The family is trying to stay strong and focus on getting a new place for their family before Christmas.

Until one of the trailers is fixed, Pittman tells us they will be staying with family and friends.

If you would like to donate time or materials email KCASS077@yahoo.com.