During a rough economy it's been a challenge for many local businesses to keep their doors open.

That's not the case for a makeup store located downtown that has been whipping up special blended lipstick, powders and eye shades from scratch since 1997.

This small local business says their business keeps getting busier and busier each year and they're proud to support Chattanooga's local economy.

"I am totally in favor of helping local businesses," said Melinda and Elizabeth Oaks, Customers.

Locally owned cosmetic company, Elea Blake saw a steady flow of customers this small business Saturday.

Six creative employees that love make up of course helped mix, blend and then bake any color lip stick you can imagine. 

From natural hues to rich, vibrant shades for those wanting a custom blend to liven up their lips.

"I live very close to here it's nice to know that my money is going right back to where I live," said Melinda and Elizabeth Oaks, Customers.

Mother daughter duo, Melinda and Elizabeth Oaks frequent Elea Blake, telling Channel 3 they love the concept, quality and personal touch that you don't always get from a major retail make-up counter.

"I'm willing to pay extra to have someone treat me like a person and not have to stand in a long crowded line," said Melinda and Elizabeth Oaks, Customers.

there won't be long lines or plans to branch out and franchise anytime soon even though a few offers have come there way.

Elea Blake employees say they've stayed in business in Chattanooga over 16 years and appreciate their loyal customers that helped keep them thriving when the economy was upside down. 

"Although there is a place for the large chains. If we don't frequent small business like this there wont be many left," said Holly Neerman, Shopper.

Elea Blake recently moved from Frazier Avenue to Chestnut Street.