While a lot of shoppers have been out battling Black Friday crowds at the malls, one "day-after-Thanksgiving" tradition for many families is picking out the Christmas tree.

Local tree farms, like Weaver's Tree Farm on Signal Mountain Rd., was packed with people searching to find the "perfect" tree on Friday.

"It ends up being kind of a heated discussion sometimes," said Alice Greer, who was picking out a tree with her husband and two sons.

"Everybody has a different idea of what they want."

The Greer's went back and forth, looking for a tree with the right height, right figure and the right price tag.  The hard part? Getting everyone to agree.

"I just wait until everything settles down, then just say, 'Ok, whatever'," said dad and husband, Lee.

But it's all in good fun, even for the workers.

"It's good, hard work," said Chris Hewke, who traveled from Maine to help on the tree farm. "Everyone's in a good mood."

In the Greer's case, finding a tree was tough enough. But for the Downer family, all 15 people in their group must agree.  It's not as easy as it seems.

"How tall is it?" asked Susy Downer, as her husband, Phil, took out the measuring tape.
"It needs fuller limbs," added daughter, Anna.

As the entire family made their way around the tree selection, they finally settled on a 10-footer. But not without a family vote first.

"All in favor?"

"Ay," responded the group, overwhelmingly.

Hewke estimated 100 trees would be sold by the end of the day Friday. Weaver's Tree Farm is open every day through the season until 9 p.m.