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Cleveland High senior has learned mother's lesson well

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CLEVELAND, TN (Times Free Press) -

In the hectic moments leading up to tonight's kickoff, Tre'Var Moore will attempt to do the impossible, stepping away from his teammates to steal a few seconds of solitude. Surrounded by the noise and excitement of Cleveland High School's biggest football game in nearly two decades, the senior defensive lineman will find a spot somewhere along the sideline to bow his head and say a silent prayer.

Once he opens his eyes, without even turning to look into the stands, Moore will somehow pick out, among the thousands of cheering fans, the voice that has been an inspiration throughout his life.

"When I first started playing football, my mom would be at every practice and every game yelling for me," Moore said. "She would be that mom running up and down the sideline, always cheering.

"Now I look up in the stands during warm-ups to see where she's sitting so later when we come out on the field for the game I don't even have to look back there for her. I can actually hear her voice over everybody else's yelling for me. And knowing what it takes for her just to be there to support me, that gives me that boost to know I can overcome anything."

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