Every year on Black Friday, stores across the nation are packed with people trying to find that once in a year deal. However, this year Jerry Conerly won't be a part of it.

"We're staying ahead of the game," he says. With bags in hand Wednesday, he's getting his holiday shopping done without that great bargain, "if we find them before hand we're just not going to fight the crowds," Conerly says.

However, for retailers the battle to lure in shoppers like Conerly has stores opening earlier than ever before.

Black Friday is slowly turning into "Black Holiday" meaning your Thanksgiving evening could wind up looking like a sprint to the nearest store.

"I understand them wanting to do more business, makes sense from a business perspective," says Brandon Holt.

However, not everyone is sold on the idea. "Eh, I'd like to take your time with Thanksgiving, enjoy it, enjoy time with my family," David Sims says.

A growing list of stores will open their doors on Thanksgiving evening, but will the shoppers show up? "We're Amazon shoppers," Katie Holt says.

Experts say online shopping is on the rise but some have made Black Friday shopping a tradition or at least participated for the entertainment.

"Eh, if we feel like it we may go out on Friday just for the fun of it," Conerly says.