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Wet leaves causing flooding on city streets

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Tuesday's heavy rainfall created some nasty driving conditions on city roads. Some area streets were flooding, making it difficult for some drivers to get around.

But for people like Allan Russell, who lives in a flooded area on Brainerd Street, it's been an even bigger headache.

"All times of the year, [storm drains] are stopped up when it rains hard," Russell told Eyewitness News, Tuesday.

You could say Russell hates the rain more than the average person. Not because it's cold, or wet, or inconvenient, but because of the water that surrounds his house after each rainfall.

"We have dealt with this for the last 15 years," he said.

Russell pointed out the mini flood forming in his front yard, saying he sees it every time it rains.

Tuesday was no exception.

"The children that walk from school have to walk through the yard or out in the street [to get around]," he said, noting passing cars attempting to get on the other side of the road to avoid the large puddle forming on his property.

"It's frustrating," he said.

"The city says they're going to fix it, but as of yet, you can see it hasn't been fixed."

Chattanooga Public Works' Lee Norris said the city is doing its best.

"There are some areas in the city, due to topography or elevation, that are prone to flooding," said Norris.

Ten crews were scattered across the city, removing the most obvious problem first -- fallen leaves clogging storm drains.

"We're making a big sweep," Norris said. "We've already made one circle; we'll make another one, and probably one more before the [loose leaves] season is up."

But even after the leaves are cleaned, Russell hopes his 15-year problem will soon dry up.
"I know you have a lot of leaves on the ground right now... but every time there's a hard rain, we have dealt with this problem."

Homeowners experiencing localized flooding problems can voluntarily try removing leaves blocking their storm drain, or contact Chattanooga's Public Works Department by calling 311.

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