At the Weaver Tree Farm on Signal Mountain Boulevard, there were no cars in the parking lot and no customers carrying out Christmas trees.

The tree wrappers, like everything else, sat wet, dripping with rain Tuesday.

However, there is life on this otherwise deserted lot. "Its just another soggy day," Kent Hartzog says. 

Hartzog has worked at the tree farm every year for the past decade. He'd be lying if he said he's not use to rainy days by now. "Its about like this every year," he says.

However, the weather has become more friend than foe, at least for the Frazier furs.

"The colder and wetter it is, the less moisture they lose, the fresher they look," Hartzog explains.

If they could just get someone to show up in the rain and buy one.

"Its just unfortunate, you know we have to do it regardless," Hartzog says.

Wearing a hat, jacket and pants, all of which are rain repellant, Hartzog is still soaked. "It just makes working inconvenient," he says.

He works 14 hours a day, every day. The owner is an old friend and inconvenient or not, it is a job he knows he needs to do.

"I'm doing this for him, we've been friends for a long time," says Hartzog.

Although freezing rain may be in the forecast Hartzog will be there working, no matter the weather.