Girls Preparatory School hosted its annual Turkey Train, with students and faculty dressed up in holiday or theme costumes. They contributed almost 200 frozen turkeys to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank. Canned goods were also collected in filled-to-overflowing bins.

Students wore several variations of pumpkin pie costumes. A few takes on the train theme were also seen, with one advisor looking very much like a train crossing sign and light. Students donned Santa hats, Christmas sweaters, and headbands of feathers.  A Middle School group used Thanksgiving paper plates as hats and decorated black gloves to resemble turkeys.

The most original prize went to the juniors in Katy Berotti's advisory. They created a Thanksgiving table and set it with unbreakable china and glassware, at which they sat and literally "passed the turkey" down the table to other waiting groups.