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First responders deliver Thanksgiving gifts to Etowah's elderly

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The elderly in Etowah had a big reason to smile Tuesday.

The Etowah Police Department and Fire Department hand-delivered fruit bags and stuffed animals to two nursing homes in Etowah for the second straight year Tuesday. They also delivered the gifts to the elderly shut-ins of the city.

"I got apples, oranges, a little debbie," said Nursing Home resident Jean James. "The police and FD are to be commended for doing this. It makes a lot of people happy I'm sure."

Door by door at the Woods Memorial Nursing Home, firemen and police officers give a touch of thanks this holiday season.

"Some of them break out in tears, some of them just happy to see us, some of them just want someone to talk to," said Fire Chief Mike Moore.

"It's just really nice to come and see them and see the expressions on their face. It's really heart warming," said Det. Jim Shaw.

This is the second year Det. Shaw and his crews have done this. Last year, they handed out 200 goody bags and handed out 250 this year.

"We live here, we have families here, we wanna serve here. Not just putting bad guys in jail. They say protect and serve, well we wanna serve too," said Det. Shaw.

For Bertha Hicks, her brown bag holds more than just fruit and candy.

"It just makes me feel good to get a gift of any kind," she said.

A gift of any kind.

An act of service of any size.

James said that's what this season is all about.

"Well it brightens it up, makes you think of your fellow man, do good for them and give thanks," she said.

Det. Shaw said much of fruit was donated by the owner of the local restaurant Farmhouse.

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