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Caught On Cam: Gator-napper

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(WALB) - Footage from a downtown Albany, Georgia surveillance camera shows the outline of a man leaving the Flint Riverquarium with a 3-foot alligator around his neck.

Van Hai Tang is accused of taking climbing an exterior wall to get into a tank and stealing the gator.

The alligator, called Nubs, for his missing toe, was rescued and is now recovering at the Riverquarium.

Staffers rescued him from the nearby Flint River.

The alligator will be quarantined for about month before he's allowed to go back into his usual tank.

"This was certainly an opportunity for us to go back and look at all our procedures and how things are set up so this doesn't happen in the future."

He says this is the first time something like this has happened.

"Well yes, its not an everyday occurrence that someone's walking down front street with an alligator in the middle of the day. Its surprising and you never know what your going to see and part of looking at everything we do here at the Riverquarium in how to keep our public, staff and our collection safe."

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