The stress of the holidays can be overwhelming enough and, this busy travel holiday comes with the threat of winter weather.

We're still a little less than a month from the actual start to winter, but some folks may see some snow this week. With more travelers on the roadways, TDOT is busy putting plans in place.

"This is more proactive than reactive, and that's how we like to do it," said Jennifer Flynn, TDOT Community Relations.

TDOT trucks were out spraying the roads with brine Monday in preparation for winter weather that could be hitting the Tennessee Valley this Thanksgiving week.

"When put down on the roads it keeps them from freezing by keeping it at a temperature of about 20 degrees," said Flynn. "It will buy us a little time, give our guys enough time to get out there and push it off the roadways."

Flynn says their drivers were all over the region, spraying every area that could be affected.

"We hit all of the interstate routes. The state routes primary and secondary as well as the mountain roads," said Flynn.

Flynn says everyone traveling during the holiday season should be cautious, saying if the wintry mix does show up, you should give yourself extra time when traveling to your destination.
You put plenty of space between yourself and the car in front of you, and don't use cruise control while driving in icy conditions.

Trevor Espenshade tells Channel 3 he will be traveling this holiday season. He says he feels as if he's in good hands.

"With the holidays I'm sure they'll keep it clear and with the extra traffic on the roads I'm sure it will melt it down too, I think it will be safe travels," said Espenshade.

"We're hoping we won't have anything to deal with, and this will be just a precaution, but we just want to make sure," said Flynn.

Flynn tells me once all of the roadways are brined; they will be on standby in case of winter weather so they can react as quickly as possible.

If you or any of your loved ones plan on traveling this week, then download our weather and traffic app for your iPhone or droid, where you can see what the conditions are at any time.