Forty-two men and two women signed up for this year's Chattanooga Police Academy. Over a decade, the program grew from 16 weeks to a full 22 weeks. 

Crime trends evolved along with the technology many officers use to log information that switched from hand written to online.

A mix of old and new is the combination of training 44 cadets are receiving. Thanks to technology, surveillance video revealed former Chattanooga police officers Sean Emmer and Adam Cooley hitting Adam Tatum with a baton. 

The officers are fighting to get their jobs back and say they followed policy.

According to CPD training instructor Phillip Mcclain, sometimes resorting to the old school basics is the best option.

Reviewing the Emmer and Cooley incident is one of the many videos these officers in training will watch during the defense tactics course.

They will also review case, city and state laws and arrest procedures.