Lysa Ainsworth is living the American Dream. Small town hard worker chasing a passion and now her passion is being sold by Duck Commander. The guys who make up the show Duck Dynasty. The show Lysa says changed her life.

"If you spend 30 minutes sitting here laughing that's 30 less minutes you spend crying," said Ainsworth.

To some the show Duck Dynasty is just a funny reality show, for Lysa Ainsworth it was a weekly escape from a bout with depression.

Ainsworth said, "something like that will just lift you up."

It did more than just lift her up, it changed Lysa's life. 

She always had a passion for sewing and was already selling headbands, you know the kind that the star of Duck Dynasty Willie Robertson wears everyday.

She searched Duck Commanders website and saw they weren't selling any, so she put a call in to the gift shop and somehow the call went through to the warehouse where they shoot the show.

So she offered a suggestion.

"I really strongly suggest that this needs to be a staple in your store. A staple in your store even if I'm not the one that does it. I didn't think about it. They said well send me a sample. I said I already did," said Ainsworth.

Two weeks went by and then the phone rang. The Robertson family wanted to order 500 camo and 500 of the stars and stripes...

Ainsworth said, "I sent them a partial order of the flag ones and they sold out in two days."

The orders kept coming and Lysa kept pumping them out. Since September she's made and sold a couple thousand. All out of a spare room with a $98 sewing machine.

"You really don't know, you think this is the American dream. More so because god knew who it was that needed something like that to bring them up out of a pit," said Ainsworth.

Her message is simple, no matter how dark the times may seem, take that first step because you never know, "your strength is gonna come if you'll get up and take the first step. You do your part and he'll do his. I know that because that's the way it happened for me."