Tasha Bates, 28, sat emotionless in court Monday as the state, her defense attorney and the judge discussed her sentencing.

Defense Attorney Richard Hughes asked Judge Amy Reedy to oppose her serving two life sentences back to back. Bates was hoping to get out of prison one day for her surviving child, Skyler. 

However, the judge recalled testimony about the children's environment. "Her children were introduced into a horrible place and around horrible goings ons," Reedy says. "I do find that the proof in this case was that the defendant is a dangerous offender who's behavior indicates little or no regard for human life, the human life of her two boys."

While the state and Bates' attorneys agreed to serving 40 years for child neglect at the same time as the murder life sentence, Reedy wouldn't budge when it came to her consecutive life sentences.

"That is two murders, she's convicted of two murders," says Reedy. "I do sentence her to consecutive life sentences, all other offenses to run concurrently or at the same time."

"Its just a tragic situation. Like I said the nigh of, no good comes of this, no good comes of this. You got these two little boys, beautiful little boys dead," Prosecutor Stephen Hatchett says.

While Bates waved her right to appeal the sentencing for aggravated child neglect, her attorney says he will continue to fight for her. "There will be an issue in the appeal, the only issue in sentencing will be the imposition of consecutive sentences. We certainly argue that that's excessive," says Hughes.

In Tennessee each life sentence carries 50 years meaning bates could serve 100 years in prison.

A motion for a new trial is scheduled for Feb. 28 however, attorneys say this is normal and Bates will likely not be granted a new trial.