Monday marks the first day of the busy travel week and you'll likely notice more Tennessee state troopers out in force on roadways. Their goal this Thanksgiving weekend is zero deaths on state roads.

Channel-3 rode along with Trooper Ben Harrison Monday as he geared up for the big week. Within moments of being with the 11-year veteran, he had pulled over a driver for not wearing a seatbelt.

"Surprisingly, I've not had a whole lot of bad luck during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Of course, traffic gets thicker," he said.

Harrison said he's been lucky by working very few wrecks during the Turkey days past. He said it's mostly congestion, stalled cars and speeding.

The warning signs are plastered on big, electronic message boards and scattered across the state: "Buckle Up," "Don't Drink and Drive," "Arrive Alive," and "Heavy Trooper Presence Ahead."

"You can expect a trooper on the Interstate in the Chattanooga area every 10-20 miles," said Lt. John Harmon. "Whether it's raining or whether it's snowing the THP will be out on the roadways to make you safe."

Lt. Harmon said no matter the forecast, troopers like Harrison will be out pulling over speeders and other rule-breakers, all to make sure, as they say, you "arrive alive" this potentially snowy holiday.

"You gotta look at it like this.. That gentlemen I stopped a few minutes ago.. If he went down the road and got in a crash, well at least he'd have his seatbelt on," Harrison said. "Leave and give yourself plenty of time. Don't make it to where you're in a hurry and have to speed or forget to buckle up."

Lt. Harmon said he expects roads to be busiest Wednesday starting at 9 a.m. and lasting through midnight.