(WESH) Deep frying a turkey for Thanksgiving is becoming more and more popular.

But it has a certain amount of hazards that go along with it.

That's why firefighters put on a demonstration to remind people of the potential danger and remind you of what you should not do.

Since you won't be wearing bunker gear with a fire truck nearby, do not plop a turkey into boiling oil.

The splash can cause a fire.

The second don't, fill the kettle so full of oil its spilling over feeding the oil fire even more.

"It's a very dangerous thing to do when you're dealing with a large vat of oil," said firefighter Jon Haskett of orange county fire rescue.

To be honest, fire officials would like people to stop using deep fryers but since they're popular two major tips.

Don't overfill the kettle with oil and never use a frozen turkey because ice and hot oil causes boil overs.

On an insurance website, 1000 fires a year are blamed on turkey fryers.

Those fires cause an estimated 15 million dollars in damage.

People have been hurt, even killed.

Another tip.

"Experts in the field also demand you turn the flame off before you put that turkey in so if you do get a boil over of the liquid then you don't have that flame," said Haskett.

Then re-light the fire when you don't have oil everywhere.

A recap, don't overfill the kettle. Never use frozen turkey. Use the fryer outside only and never leave a fryer unattended.

In 2012 over the thanksgiving holiday I'm told they had exactly zero fires from improper use of a turkey fryer.

They hope that 2013 is a safe repeat.