All weekend teen drivers and their parents that signed up for an Accident Avoidance Workshop at Volkswagen spent more than 8 hours in a classroom and then navigated their way through an obstacle course for the rest of their day.

The class had a mix of fun, alarming statistics and tips to hopefully help make our roadways a little safer.

Before these teens and their parents hit the obstacle course made of traffic cones that filled VW's parking lot, they started off with a quick check just to make sure their car horns were working properly. 

After getting that part out of the way the instructor presented a round of serious hard facts surrounding the number of teen fatalities and accidents that happen each and everyday in Tennessee and all over the United States.

"Cars are the number one killer of teens. One in every 4 teens will crash their car before they are 17-years-old," said Jeffery Stillwell, Accident Avoidance Workshop.

One by one each car was given the green light. The instructor tested decision making skills,  parking and turning techniques.  

"When you are talking on the phone your 5 times more likely to crash your car," said Griff Jayne, Teen Driver.

The agenda included 3 hours in the classroom where a slide show of alarming statistics were presented before the 5 hour driving session outside. 

Teen driver Griff Jayne says the information he learned was very helpful and that he'll keep in mind before getting behind the wheel.

"The part of their brain that they use to make decisions on the roadway doesn't develop until they are 25-years-old," said Stillwell, Accident Avoidance Workshop.

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