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Local woman raises money to buy bullet proof vests for K9 unit

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After raising thousands of dollars to buy bullet proof vests for the k-9's of the Chattanooga Police Department, one local lady is now spreading the love to Hamilton County Sheriff's Department as well.

Robin Scott tells Channel 3, these K9's are the officers back-up in many cases and she says they need to be protected with a bullet proof vests too.

"I couldn't imagine sending my dog somewhere and it not come back out or something happen to it," said Scott.

Scott is an animal lover, having 3 dogs of her own. However, that love for her animals extends further, reaching to the dogs that help keep her neighborhood safe.

"It kind of became a passion to protect them, because they're the first in and may not be the first out," said Scott.

InVest in K9, is a group that Scott started several months ago to raise money to buy new vests for the K9 unit in Chattanooga.

"These dogs have saved so many officers and I don't think we realize how important a vest is," said Scott.

But after completing her goal for the city, she's moved on to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department.

The Sheriff's Department has 5 apprehensive dogs, 4 with vests that are aging and heavy, needing to be replaced and one K9 that doesn't have one at all.

"If they don't have a vest, the likely hood of them not necessarily being shot, but being stabbed. These vests are bullet and stab resistant," said Scott.

The vests run a hefty price tag, being almost $1,000 a piece, but Scott says it's worth every penny.

"It's their partner we are saving, it's their dog we are saving," said Scott.

She's asking the community to donate to help protect them.

"It's something you may need one day," said Scott.

Scott plans to continue to branch out with her fundraising, until all K9's are covered across the state of Tennessee.

InVest in K9 will be at Scottsdale in Hixson Sunday, November 24 and on Black Friday taking donations for the vests.

If you're not able to make it out, you can make donations online by clicking here.

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