The Marion County Warriors are still working to get past their troubles, as the scandal involving its coaching staff continues.

But they aren't alone, a local rival reached out in support as the team geared up for their quarter final showdown against Trousdale.  

Head football coach at Whitwell High School, Billy Barnhart tells me a few members at the school wanted to get the students together to show their support of their rivals.

Barnhart says they did that by having the students make goodie bags for the football team and write a letter of encouragement.

He says it's not the players fault as to what has happened with the recent allegations against their coaches.

This is why they wanted to keep the team's spirits high on the field for their playoff game, during a difficult time on the sidelines.

"They are our rival and when we play them we want to beat them and we want to beat them bad, but at the same token when others are down, you want to lift them up and encourage them. And that's what we tried to do for these goody bags that we sent to them," said Barnhart.

"We support them all the way and hope they win state, but get ready for next year," said a Whitwell Football Player.

Barnhart says they try to teach all of their students to have respect for others and Coach Barnhart says he thinks they succeeded and knows Marion would do the same for them.