(WOAI) - In the pursuit of body perfection, dieting can take some strange turns. Videos on YouTube tout the "cotton ball diet" as a quick way to lose weight.  

Basically, you eat a cotton ball soaked in some sort of juice, rather than eating a real meal.

"It's my understanding there are a lot of super models and celebrities attempting this, and I'm sure young women emulate women and their figures," said Dr. Fred Campbell, with UT Medicine San Antonio.  

He says you should never try something like a cotton ball.

"Since cotton is non-digestible and has something of a sponge-type effect, it might be an initial feeling of fullness in the stomach," he said.

That fiber isn't the kind you want to be eating and trying this so-called diet is a very bad idea. "It possibly could cause some sort of obstructive effect lower in the intestines. I would consider that a fairly dangerous technique."

Dr. Campbell says if you suspect your child has an eating disorder or strange eating patterns, you should contact your doctor.

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