Sometimes, it's the simple things.

Heading quickly towards becoming a viral online video, a cellphone video for Mike's Golf Shop is capturing a lot of attention.

With over 133,000 views on YouTube, the theme of the video is simple and straightforward.

"Mike" announces "We buy golf clubs!" loudly and repetitively.

Nine times, to be exact.

We spoke with Mike Mixson, owner of Mike's Golf Shop on Airpark Drive in Chattanooga, and asked him why he made the YouTube video.

Mixson said "Well, I must admit at this very moment, it's classified. But business is blowing up. Once some thing gets going, it just keeps going"

When we asked Mixson if he was planning a sequel commercial, he replied "A lot of people were unclear about what we do at Mike's Golf Shop. So we did another commercial!"

Above, you'll see the newest YouTube commercial by Mike.