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Investigators rule out school candy for causing child's drug overdose

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A 10-year-old girl from Rhea County is in the hospital Thursday night after an apparent drug overdose. Investigators say her mother believes she accidentally ingested some medication.

Rumors exploded on Facebook, saying the overdose was caused by candy laced with meth. 

Eyewitness News spoke with investigators on the case to see if the rumors were true.

Investigators say it's too early to tell exactly what happened. The initial rumor that the girl ate suspicious candy at school has been ruled out.

"There was some barbiturates and amphetamines found in her system," said Rhea County investigator, Rocky Potter. She ingested a mix of downers and uppers that can include prescription pills, he told Eyewitness News.

"She's been asleep for quite some time because of some of the levels because of some of the medication," said Potter.

The girls mother called police late Tuesday night, saying she believed her daughter accidentally ingested some medication.

Investigators say the results of an intensive drug test are expected to come back on Friday. 

Potter said the mother is cooperating with police, and told investigators she keeps her medications locked up, but her live-in boyfriend does not. Potter said he has not been able to reach him for questioning.

The rumor mill attributed the overdose to candy laced with meth that the girl ate at Spring City Elementary, but Potter said they have ruled that out.

"I have spoke with the school system. That did not happen," Potter said. "If she was given some candy somewhere else, I don't know."

Police checked also school bus surveillance tapes, and determined no one approached the girl or gave her anything on her ride home from school. The mother reported she didn't start acting sick until around 6 p.m. Tuesday, after she had been home for several hours.

Pediatrician, Dr. Jason Skiwski says parents should be sure to keep any medications locked up.

"Something that would be right for a 140-pound adult is going to be at least five times too high for a child," said Dr. Skiwski.

Rhea County investigators tell Eyewitness News they will be able to determine more details after the girl is fully awake and can answer their questions. Police say they do not yet have enough information to consider pressing charges.

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