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The proof is in the color

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Dayton, OH -

The city of Dayton, Ohio will be taking the winter blues to a whole new level.

The city plans to buy a chemical that it can mix with its de-icing solution to turn it blue when it's sprayed on its salt and on the roads.
The plan is to use the blue salt only on residential streets, so residents will have proof that their street was treated.
City commissioners will vote Wednesday on paying 11-thousand dollars for enough chemical to be used on 12-thousand tons of salt.
Street maintenance workers hope that amount will last a few years, depending on the amount of snowfall the city gets.
James Brinegar, Division manager, Street Maintenance, "It's a good idea. We do try to do different things to let the residents see we've been there."
Crews say the dye is not supposed to stain the paint on your car or clothing.

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