Mayor Andy Berke's High Point Initiative is receiving backlash from one local organization. 

The initiative was started to help combat crime on Chattanooga's streets.

But the according to the NAACP, it's has had nothing but a negative effect on the black community.

The city says the "High Point" initiative is a proven way to reduce crime in cities.

But NAACP leaders will be discussing alternative ways of fighting crime. Ones they think would work better on behalf of the black community.

You saw it first on Channel 3, the multiple-agency round-up that took place two weeks ago.

Law enforcement officials say, these were some "major players" in the local drug trade. 32 people in total were indicted, their ages ranging from 19 to 49. 28 of them were charged with distributing crack and cocaine.

Here's the issue the NAACP has, in the photo lineup, you can see all of those arrested Were black males.

Mayor Berke called it part of the "High Point Initiative." But the NAACP says it's a negative portrayal of the black community.

However, a majority of these men aren't first-time criminals. Many of them have been in-and-out of jail for years.

Some conviction records, however, are much more lengthy than others involved in the roundup.