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Unlikely fans of Obamacare

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(KRNV) There have been a number of critics to the Affordable Care Act, but the President's signature legislation is getting support from an unusual source; working girls at Nevada's legal brothels.  

The girls at Nevada's "Moonlight Bunny Ranch" say they support the new legislation.  

"Having this profession, we aren't exactly offered group health insurance. It's hard because I do have a pre-existing condition so I really support Obamacare.  I'm excited," says working girl Taylor Lee.

Caressa Kisses agrees adding; "They equate us to illegal working girls who have very high STD's and AIDS rates which we have none of the above.  We're legal, licensed prostitutes.

The girls said it didn't matter to insurance carriers that Nevada's brothels are highly regulated. Kisses noted; "I see the doctor every week because it is state mandated. We're tested weekly and monthly for blood. We have to be cleared by health professionals and a physician to work in the house."

But raves for the Affordable Care Act stops with the girls. Brothel owner Dennis Hof is not a fan.  He thinks coverage for the girls is good, but he is less than thrilled the new law lumps his seven small and separate businesses together that may require him to provide health care coverage. 

Hof said; " I have mixed feelings. I'm glad the girls are going to be able to get affordable healthcare coverage but as a businessman, I'm really concerned."  

Hof owns seven brothels, a strip club, restaurants and a truck stop.

Still Hof is keeping a sense of humor. He has extended the President an invitation to the Bunny Ranch.  He joked that he is more than happy to supply the President with a webmaster, who can iron out the kinks on the Obamacare website.

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