A military vehicle carrying a UFO and an alien pilot has been making the rounds at state fairs, fall festivals and BBQs throughout the counties around Chattanooga.

It's has nothing to do with any of the Area 51 conspiracy theories floating around the darker parts of the Internet, nor is the vehicle part of an an actual alien conspiracy -- at least not that anyone has admitted so far. Instead, the earthlings behind the stunt say it's part of a marketing plan conceived by The Johnson Group to sell a company's satellite broadband service to rural consumers.

It's easy to take Chattanooga's ultra-fast broadband for granted. It's simple to sign-up, it's always on and it's virtually hassle-free. But outside of the highly-populated Chattanooga market favored by EPB, Comcast, AT&T and Charter, there's another world. A world without always-on cable modems and fiber to the home.

"Believe it or not, there are still people out there using dial-up," said Joe Johnson, head of The Johnson Group.

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