A Summerville mother is still waiting for justice, more than a year after someone shot her son in the chest.

Police say Amellio Price was shot last August during a fight with Carlos Underwood, 34.

Underwood is back on the streets, but prosecutors say they need more time for evidence to be processed at the state crime lab.

"I'm very frustrated," Carolyn Perry said on Monday. "It's been more than a year, and I'm just wanting justice."

It seems like a simple request. But as Perry is finding out, justice doesn't always come swift.

Police say her son, Price, was shot outside a home on Sixth Ave. in Summerville last August. The bullet grazed his heart and lungs. Doctors said it's a miracle he survived.

Perry said, "when doctors did the surgery that night, they said if he was any smaller he would have died anyway."

Underwood was charged with three felonies, including aggravated assault and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Someone bailed Underwood out of jail, so he's free, and a grand jury has not heard the case yet. Meantime, Perry has been calling the district attorney's office for answers.

"All they can tell me is [the evidence] still hasn't come back from the crime lab. But I'm like, what else do they need?"

Detective Brian Ozment said right now the state is in "a holding pattern" making sure all evidence is present before going to a grand jury.

"We want to give them all the information we have. Not spotty or patchy information."

Ozment said the initial police work is complete, and crime lab investigators are testing the gun to ensure bullets found inside Price's body match up.

"Whenever a bullet is fired out of a gun, it leaves almost a unique fingerprint of markings on the bullet," he said.

Those tests can take months, and sometimes, like in this case, more than a year.

But for moms like Perry, it's too long of a wait. She fears the same thing that happened to her son could happen to someone else.

"I don't want that to happen, I just want justice."

Because of the violent nature of the charges, police tell Eyewitness News there is no real statute of limitations for sending a case to trial.

Channel 3 reached out to GBI to find out what is causing the delay in processing evidence, but did not hear back as of Monday night.