After the loss of one of their own, the Lafayette community is pulling even closer to show support for Brandon Lowe's family.

Lowe passed away on Friday morning.   

Tonight was one of many more benefits that will be taking place for Lowe's family, in an effort to help with medical bills.

Channel 3 spoke to one woman who told us she had followed Brandon's story from the beginning and never knowing him personally.

She says his story touched her heart and made her want to help out.

"Every morning that was the first thing I did was check the prayer page and every night before I went to bed, that's what I did," said Tessa Shields. "24-7 he was on my mind."

Shields tells Channel 3 she had made a bond with Brandon Lowe, without ever meeting him.

"Brandon, he touched everybody. I didn't even know him. Never met the boy, never had the pleasure to meet him. But I'll always know him and I'll always remember him," said Shields.

And so will the rest of the community.

"It's been amazing that everyone has pulled together like they have," said Shields.

Jessica Strange with The Hair Center says the community tries to help their own when possible.
"We're all like family around here and Brandon has touched a lot of hearts," said Strange.

Today was no exception, as the salon held a benefit in Brandon's honor; giving haircuts and passing all of proceeds to the Lowe family.

"We had a benefit when he was first diagnosed and we decided to do this second benefit just to help the family," said Strange.

One customer after the other came through the door to get a haircut, showing their support for a boy, most of them didn't know and none of them will forget.

"They've touched everyone's lives, everyone around here has been impacted by this," said Shields.

Strange with The Hair Center says they were able to raise $600 for Brandon's family.