A UTC student is the center of a viral video as it shows him being arrested. Thousands of people have watched two separate videos of the incident on YouTube. It happened Thursday afternoon on campus and it has some students enraged.

24-year-old Cole Montalvo was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, obstruction of justice and inciting to riot. Police say he tried to ride his bike through their coned-off barrier separating students and a controversial evangelist.

"Cole was asked not once, not twice but five times not to breach the police perimeter and once he did, he was arrested," said Assistant Director of University Relations Cindy Carroll.

Cindy Carroll said Montalvo was trying to get closer to speak with the evangelist. According to the report, he told police "he pays for the pavement that is on UTC property and that he has the right to be there but that the evangelist lady does not."

But actually, the evangelist can be there too. Carroll said all she has to do is sign a form and let the school know she's coming.

The video shows one sergeant spraying his can of mace and missing. He didn't spray again after they "finally had him on his stomach and hands behind his back and cuffed."

"It was strictly trying to get him into a situation where they could arrest him, and since it fell to the ground... They arrested him there," Carroll said.
"We have to remember our police are sworn to protect everyone and that's exactly what they were doing at the time of this arrest," she said.

Carroll said the police were just doing their job though some students may think differently.

Carroll said there will be an internal review of how the incident was handled just to be sure policies and procedures were followed.

Channel 3 left messages on Montalvo's Facebook page and voicemail but have not heard back.