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TBI DUI investigation leads to one man's freedom

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A vast number of local DUI cases could be dismissed or overturned following a TBI investigation.

The charges against one local man accused in a deadly crash have already been dropped.   

Attorneys across Tennessee were given notice about the investigation centering around former TBI toxicologist, Kyle Bayer.

He was fired after results from a blood alcohol content test were found to be way off target.

Local police documentation shows a fatal crash that happened on March 16th.                        

Dale Ferrell crashed into motorcyclist Ed Bankston, who died on scene.  The incident report said Ferrell was driving under the influence. The TBI results stated Ferrell's blood alcohol level of .24.

He was charged with vehicular homicide, but the numbers weren't matching up.

Ferrell's attorney sent his blood off to be retested at an independent lab.  The test came back as a .001.

Charges against Ferrell were dismissed.

In Hamilton County alone, more than 100 other DUI cases are up in the air.  Because of one man.

Bayer was terminated for procedural violation

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