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Cleveland woman hears from missing father in Philippines

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Mass burials are now under way in the Philippines, where the deadly Typhoon Haiyan has claimed more than 4,000 lives so far. But despite all the heartache, there is some good news for one Cleveland family.

Lisa Sexton has been desperately trying to track down her father on the island for nearly a week. On Wednesday night, she received the call she'd been hoping for.

"He called and let us know they're ok," she said with a big smile on Thursday.

Her father, Deleon Adams, and his wife, Mary Rose, live in Tacloban -- the city hit hardest by the typhoon.  Communication towers went down when the storm hit, leaving loved ones in the U.S. in the dark.

But finally, on Wednesday night, Deleon borrowed someone's bicycle, rode into town and asked a police officer to borrow his phone to call his family.  His sister took the call.

"It was the best news we've been waiting for," Sexton said. "That call finally came."

The typhoon destroyed buildings across the city, but the couple's home has minimal damage.  They reported having plenty of food and water, and are waiting to be evacuated from the city.

Since family got word, Sexton said she has been flooded with phone calls and texts from friends. She shared the news with 60 people Wednesday night, including Eyewitness News.

"[I was] letting everybody know their prayers had worked... and by the grace of God we have our father and stepmother back."

Earlier in the week, Eyewitness News reported Sexton had posted the couple's information on 14 different websites, hoping somebody would know if they were alive.

She said the U.S. State Department notified that her father was placed on the list of people to be located, to which she happily replied he was safe and sound.

After the couple is evacuated from the island, Sexton said they hope to return to the U.S. to celebrate Christmas with family.

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