(KSNW)  It's become a growing problem for the disabled community, and it's a federal crime.

The use of imposter service animals poses a danger both to dogs and the people they serve.
"The mobility assist, the PTSD dogs, the allergy alert..." lists Toney Turner.
He grew up training bird dogs with his dad.  
Now, he's turned that passion into a business training service dogs.

He says more and more he sees people with dogs who wear a vest, but have no formal training or medical need to back it up.
"They're basically taking a pet with no training and buying a vest and getting a card online," says Turner.

So to those who take imposter service dogs with them around town, Turner has a suggestion.
"Think about somebody else other than yourself," he says.  "What if somebody in you family that needed a service dog, by their antics they're making it harder for the working dog to get in to the places that they're needed?"
It's not the breed that's important when it comes to service dogs.
Turner says he's trained everything from Chihuahuas to Dobermans.
What is important is the training.

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