Word is beginning to spread across the Tennessee Valley after our story about the lottery ticket thief. The suspect met his match, a nine month pregnant store clerk, at a gas station in Ringgold, Sunday.

"When he grabbed them I just swung," she says. "His face hit the counter, he hit the floor...as he got up he gave me a funny look and ran out the door."

On the same day, just miles away in Catoosa County surveillance video captures the suspect. He pulls up to a BP gas station in a small white car, enters the store and asks to buy five, $20 lottery tickets. As the clerk begins to check him out he grabs the tickets and runs.

However, this isn't just the first or second time this has happened. According to police reports Channel 3 obtained multiple businesses in East Ridge experienced the same thing, beginning in early October.

One store was hit twice, they gave us a picture of the suspect who robbed them. We took that picture back to Ringgold.

"Is this the guy that you saw," we asked the store clerk. "Yes, but he didn't have glasses on at the time," she says. "Are you sure this is definitely the man you saw," we asked again. "Yes, this is definitely him," she replies.

The picture bears a striking resemblance to the surveillance video shot days later in north Georgia.

"I knew if I'd seen him again I wouldn't forget," the clerk says.

In each police report the suspect asks to buy five, $20 lottery tickets. It goes on to describe the alleged robber as a black male, about 6'2" with a medium build.

Store managers hope with his picture out for everyone to see, either he'll stop,  or the next store he hits will be prepared.