(WAVE) The military is storing deadly sarin and VX nerve gas about 100 miles from Louisville and destroying it is an enormous challenge for the US Department of Defense.

"This is the last of the chemical weapons destruction in the United States," said Jeff Brubaker, project manager for $2 billion, 340,000 square foot chemical weapon destruction plant at the Blue Grass Army Depot in Richmond.

Construction is almost three quarters finished but the plant still six or seven years from being fully operational and starting the destruction process of the 523 tons of sarin, vx and mustard gas stored at the depot.

That's about half as much as what Syria had when it almost drew the U.S. into military action by allegedly using chemical weapons on its own people.

The toxic agents in Kentucky are sitting on more than 100,000 rockets and artillery projectiles. Once the plant is up and running, estimated at 2020, the chemical weapon warheads will be cut away from the rockets, using what's known, quite simply, as a rocket cutter.

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