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Mother of deceased Catoosa break-in suspect: "He was a good kid"

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A Catoosa County teenager is dead and two others are behind bars after a home break-in Monday afternoon. Police say two teens were attempting to break into the home when the homeowner confronted them. When the suspects continued to run towards him, the man shot one of them in the neck.

"You know, it's a very complicated situation because we do have a 17-year-old that has lost their life. It's a sad a day for all the victims. The homeowner was just as upset," says Catoosa County Sheriff Gary Sisk.

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Sheriff Sisk says the 17-year-old and another 16-year-old knocked on the front door of this home on Post Oak Road, thinking it was abandoned, then broke into the basement to steal scrap metal. But the homeowner was there. He grabbed his revolver and went around the back of the house to see what was going on.

"One of them had poked his head out. He told them 'get out of my house.' That's when the individuals came out from there and came towards his direction," says Sisk.

The 69-year-old fired his gun, hitting the 17-year-old in the neck. Eighteen-year-old Ansley Chrnalogar was waiting in the getaway truck. As police responded to the burglary scene, the three called 911 for help.

"We received a call from the suspects as well, needing medical attention."

Emergency responders met the teens on Boynton Drive and took the injured 17-year-old to the hospital, where he passed away. The young man's mother identifies him as Dalton McConathy. She tells Channel 3 through Facebook messages: "Dalton was a good kid with the kindest (of) heart. He would give anybody anything he had. He didn't have a history of being in trouble. He hardly ever even left the house."

"My wife said she heard on Channel 3 that there was a shooting," says Calvin Wilson.

Calvin Wilson lives on Boynton Drive and saw all the commotion surrounding the getaway truck. He says he is sad to hear about the way the situation ended.

"It's bad that a teenager is dead because of doing a crime. Or allegedly doing a crime, however you need to say it."

As for the 69-year-old homeowner? Sheriff Sisk says he does not think the homeowner did what he did with malice or intended to kill the teen.

"But just to flat out say if he was in the right or the wrong, I'd like to wait until the investigation is closed," says Sisk.

Sisk says investigators met with the District Attorneys office and as of right now the homeowner does not face any charges. The 16 and 18-year-olds both face a felony burglary charge.

It should be noted that after McConathy's mother messaged Channel 3, she was contacted by investigators with the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office.

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