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Cleveland woman searches for missing father in Philippines

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The heartbreaking aftermath of the deadly typhoon is hitting close to home for one Cleveland woman.

Lisa Sexton is trying to track down her missing father, Deleon Adams.

Adams lives with his wife, Mary Rose, in the city of Tacloban -- one of the hardest-hit areas where thousands are feared dead. But Sexton said she's still keeping the faith.

"We're all optimistic that the phone will ring any day," she said.

Sexton hasn't heard from her loved ones for nearly a week. Adams sent his family a message after family members asked if he was evacuating the island.

"Nope, we've got water, supplies, and I'm making a big crock pot of chili," the message read. "We'll be fine. I love you, and we'll talk to you when the storm is over."

The storm hit Saturday, and communication towers have been down ever since. It's an agonizing wait for family members who don't know if The Adams are alive.

"We just band together as a family and pray about it," Sexton said.

Although rescue efforts are under way in the Philippines, Sexton's family is taking the search into their own hands.

Online posts with Deleon and Mary Rose's information are on 14 different pages, including the Philippine Red Cross website and Google's People Finder. The family is also studying faces featured in news videos and articles, trying to spot any trace of the couple alive.

Sexton's most recent sign of hope was spotting a news story about looters at the Adams' neighborhood grocery store.

"We know the grocery story is still partially standing, so we had hope that his house is damaged, but not destroyed," she said.

But despite the images of widespread destruction, one thing that's still standing strong is Sexton's faith.  Although communication towers are still down on the island, there are reports of two portable satellite towers going up on Wednesday.

"We know he'll call us when he can."

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