The red carpet was rolled out for veterans in Soddy Daisy Monday. High school JROTC cadets saluted each veteran as they entered.

Inside dozens of volunteers were busy at work dishing out free plates of food for the men and women who served our country.

The brain behind it all, Korean War Veteran W. V. Roberson. "I'm just proud to be here and proud to get to do it," he says.

Roberson started the luncheon four years ago. Its an event that's grown close to his heart. "Every time I'd hear the old vets, they would say they were never thanked for their service. I'm saying thank you," Roberson says with tears in his eyes.

Each year the food line gets longer. World War II Veteran Joe Shadwick brought mementoes to share with his fellow vets. He can tell stories for days. One of his favorites is a close encounter flying off of the coast of Japan. He was 19 at the time.

"He said they bi passed that island you idiot, he said there's Japs trying to shoot this plane down, haven't you ever been shot at before? I said not to my knowledge. He said you have now," recalls Shadwick.

At every table, another story and with every story a veteran who, on this day specifically, is honored and thanked.

All of the food for Monday's lunch was donated by local businesses or made by volunteers.

Roberson says he's gathering all of the WWII veterans in Soddy Daisy for a group picture next Monday. So far nearly 30 have committed to the photo op.